Happy thrifting at ThriftCity

Jay Katari is very proud of the progress and being made at each of his portfolio companies.

At Thrift City we have implemented new tagging, inventory and point of sale systems. These state of the art systems allow for much better shopping experience for our customer. Our new systems make it possible to keep our pricing much more consistent on a day to day basis. Our new systems ensure that our customers are getting the best possible pricing when they shop our stores. We stock our racks and shelves with more than 300,000 new items each and every week giving our customers a fresh new assortment of items to buy each and every day.

We have contracted MTI Music to provide our in-store music and messaging at all of our 10 stores. When you shop in our store you will enjoy a great selection of music from Top 40 Artists along with seasonal favorites we all love to hear. Our new messaging will inform our customers of the weekly specials going on at the store they are shopping at.

We have implemented a customer rewards program allowing customers to earn points for each and every purchase they make. After the customer accumulates a minimum amount of points they can redeem the points as cash towards their purchases at Thrift City.

Keep shopping at our stores and you will see new and innovative things being implemented to make our customers shopping experience even better.

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  1. Will you be accepting donations at your store in Casselberry,Fl.? If so,
    What types of items will be accepted?

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